Georgian Language Course

The aim of the course is for the learner to have listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Georgian in accordance with the level A 1.1 of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and to be able to understand and give important information about himself/herself and others, to identify familiar words and simple phrases, establish easy communication if the interlocutor is talking slowly and clearly about everyday topics.
At the same time, the learner will get acquainted with the elements of the current culture of the Georgian-speaking environment and will be able to take adequate linguistic-cultural action in accordance with his/her linguistic level.
 Intensive format (8 academic hours per week (1 hour 50 minutes)
 Synchronous phase: online via zoom
 Monday and Thursday, 19.00-21.15 (4 full hours)
 Non-synchronous phase: assignments on elearning (160 minutes per week)
Beginning of the course: June 27
End of the course: August 26
The cost of the course – 500 GEL
Registration deadline: Due to June 25


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