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During registration, students who are on a waitlist will NOW be notified via their School student e-mail when a vacated spot in the class occurs. Once students receive their e-mail notification, they will have five days to register for the class. Students who do not register within 5 days, will be dropped from the waitlist. Directions to register for the open spot are provided in the e-mail notification.

Make sure your School student e-mail is set up and activated.

Q: What do I do once I am placed on the waitlist?

A: Check your primary student email for an email from Admissions alerting you that a seat is now available. Log into your M"LAB/TSC account then click the Manage Waitlist. Click Register next to the class and then in the Preferred Class list, click Register from the Action drop-down list. Submit the form and complete the registration process.

Q: How do I add a class if it has already started?

A: Registration closes upon the start of each semester. In order to add a class, you will have to request an Add Card from the instructor with a four-digit Access code that will allow you to add the class.

Q: If I am waitlisted for a class, am I automatically added?

A: No. In order to register for a waitlisted class, you will need to attend the first day of class and obtain an Add Card from the instructor. Once the Add Card is obtained, you must remove yourself from the waitlist. Then register for the class by clicking the "Add Class with Add Card" link. Just keep in mind that you only have one day to add a class with an Add Card.

Q: How do I add a class with the Add Card?

A: Log in to M"Lab and click on "Add Class with Access Code/Add Card", to add the class.

Q: What does "Permission" mean on my Class Schedule?

A: "Permission" means that you are no longer on the Waitlist. Once a student receives "Permission", he or she can register for the class, using the normal registration process. You have FIVE days to add that class. If you fail to add it, you will be removed from the class altogether.

Note: That you can find out if you have permission to add the class by checking your student E-mail and/or your class schedule.

Q: If I am on the waitlist for an online class, how do I add it?

A: You must click the "Electronic Add Card Request (For Online Classes)" link, under "Registration" and fill out the online form and submit. Once the instructor receives the request, he or she will e-mail you an access code. You must remove yourself from the waitlist, using the "Drop Waitlisted Classes" link, then register for the class by clicking the "Add Class with Add Card" link.

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Students will receive via email their Student ID number within 2-3 business days (during business hours) of completing the application. Students must complete the core services (orientation, assessment and educational planning) by the School established deadline in order to be eligible for priority registration.

Please note: Students returning after an absence of one or more years must complete an Admissions Application for New Students to reactivate their status as a student.

Q: How do I apply to School?

A: go to Menu on "Apply Now". 

Q: What is my application user name and password?

A: If you are a first-time student, you can create a user name and password for your student application.

Q: How do I retrieve my  Application User ID?

A: Use the "Retrieve User Name" link, on the application login page.

Q: Do I need to reapply every semester?

A: If you have not attended School for one or more years you have to reapply. You can use the same user name and password to start the application process. If you do not remember your username and password, you can use the links on the application login page to retrieve them.

Q: How long does it take for the Student Application to be processed?

A: The application process takes between five to ten working days. If you have not received an e-mail from School, you can contact at Admissions@esm-tbilisi.ge

Note: the application process can take up to three to four weeks, depending on how busy the Office is.

Q: I submitted an application to the School the day the semester started. How do I go about adding classes?

A: Usually, it takes up to two weeks for your application to be processed. However, if you are able to obtain an add card from the instructor, you can take the add card to the Office. Your Application will then be processed, and your class will be added to your schedule simultaneously.


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Canvas Online Student HelpDesk


Q: How do I sign in to Canvas for the First-time?

A: If it is your first time on Canvas, in the Sign on screen, click the Recover password or username. Then on the next screen click on Recover password.  When the next screen appears, type your student email address then click on Submit.  In your personal email, click the Reset Password link and create a new password.  Close the screens that open then return to Canvas and the system should automatically sign you in, if it doesn't enter you email address and the password you just created.

Note: If you have any questions or issues regarding Canvas after you sign in, there is a chat option located at the bottom of the page that you can click to either talk to a person, or email them regarding your issues.

Q: I just registered for an online class, and the class is not listed on Canvas. Why?

A: It can take up to five hours for your classes to show up on Canvas. If you cannot view your class on Canvas after 24 hours, contact your instructor. 


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Q: How do I drop a class?

A: Log in to TSC PORTAL and click on the "Current/Former Students" tab. Under "Registration", click on "Drop Classes". The system will prompt you to verify the class you want to drop. Select the appropriate action in the drop-down box next to the course title and click "Submit".

Also, you can drop your class in person at the Enrollment Services office located in the Student Services Building.

Note: if you owe fees for the current or previous term, you may be blocked from dropping a class, until you have a zero balance on your account. You must contact the Office, in order to drop your class(s). 

Q: Do I still have to pay for the class if I drop it after the start of the semester?

A: If you owe fees for a class you are trying to drop, the system will make you pay for that class. 

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Q: I was a student at School. Do I need to re-apply to take classes?

A: If you have not attended classes in one or more years, you must re-apply.

Q: How do I challenge a class?

A: You can challenge a class by contacting the appropriate division office and fill out Challenge form. If you do not have access to that information, you can contact the IT Service Desk.

Q: How can I find out the Assessment Testing schedule?

A: To find out the TSC schedule,  go to the TSC PORTAL.

Q: How can I find out when my final is?

A: Your finals time(s) can be retrieve by accessing the finals schedule online or your class instructor will notify you through the syllabus.

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Q: I have an Add Code for an online class. How do I register for it?

A: Once you have an "Access Code" you can register for an online class by clicking on the "Add class with Access Code/Add Card" link on the TSC PORTAL Menu in Add class.

Note: You must remove yourself from the waitlist using the "Drop Waitlisted Classes" link, then register for the class by clicking the "Add Class with Add Card/Access Code" link.

Q: How do I request an add card/access code for online classes?

A: Log in to TSC PORTAL and click on the "Electronic Add Card Request (For Online Classes)" link. Fill out the online form and submit it. Once the instructor receives the request, he or she will e-mail you an access code.

Q: The Online class I want is not listed in the "Electronic Add Card Request" link. How do I add the class?

A: If you cannot view the class in the list, it means that the class has been removed by the instructor because it is no longer open. You can check the "List of the Courses that have been removed by the instructors" at the bottom of the "Electronic Add Card Request" page.

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Q: How do I register/waitlist my classes?

A: After logging in to TSC PORTAL, click on "Current/Former Students". Click on "Register/Build Class Schedule." There are three ways to register: 1) Express Registration: Use this option only if you know the section/synonym numbers of your classes. 2) Search and Register For Classes: Use this option only if you do not know the section/synonym numbers of your classes and want to browse through the online catalog for the list of all courses. 3) Register - Preferred Class List: Use this option only if you have previously saved your class list.

Note: before entering the section/synonym numbers, you will have to verify your information such as your name, mailing address, and phone number.

Q: How do I register for a class if I am waitlisted?

A: You must attend the first day of the class and ask the instructor for an add card. Then you must remove yourself from the waitlist, using the "Drop Waitlisted Classes" link, and finally, register for the class, by clicking the "Add Class with Add Card" link.

Note: you can now automatically be moved up on the list and/or be placed on the class roster. Simply check your Student E-mail and/or your Class Schedule on TSC PORTAL. If you are eligible to add the class, the word "Permission" would be next to your waitlisted class.

Q: I am trying to add a class and it says "Prerequisites have not been met." What does that mean?

A: It means that the class requires you to take a different class prior to enrollment. It can also mean that you have not taken your Assessment Test.

Q: I am trying to add a class but it gives me the following error message: "Data record did not pass the criteria specified in the rule, your address has changed." What does that mean?

A: You have to contact the Admissions Office at admissions@esm-tbilisi.ge in order to update your address.

Note: students now have access to update that information on TSC PORTAL, under "Update Contact Information."

Q: How do I know when my "Registration Date and Time" is?

A: You can find your registration date and time when you log in to TSC PORTAL and click on the "Registration Date and Time" link. 

Q: If I do not take classes this semester, will it affect my "Registration Date and Time"?

A: Yes. Enrollment does affect registration priority. 

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Set-up your Student Email Account NOW because once you are enrolled, e-mail will no longer be sent to your personal e-mail account. Your account will have a 5GB mailbox size and a 10MB attachment limit. You may use this account to easily send and receive messages, manage your calendar, and track contacts. Your email account is web-based and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. 

You can login to your account anytime, anywhere by visiting outlook.office365.com and entering your School-issued E-mail.

Q: Where do I log in to my Student E-mail?

A: You can log in to your Student E-mail by going to the Office 365 Website, or if you go to the TSC PORTAL  website and click on student email on the top right hand corner.

Q: Why do I need a Student E-mail?

A: All communication between TSC PORTAL/M"Lab instructors and administration offices and students is fulfilled through Student E-mail. You will need to setup your Student E-mail in order to receive information regarding application, registration, fees, course changes, financial aid and etc.

Q: How do I setup my student email on my Smartphone?

A: See step-by-step smartphone setup instructions.

Q: How do I turn off my Focused Inbox?

A: See step-by-step instructions.


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Q: What is my User ID?

A: Your user ID is also known as your student email address, and it allows you to sign in to M"Lab an TSC PORTAL. You will receive your student email address via your personal e-mail, once your School Application has been processed and approved.

Q: What is my Password?

A: Your password for TSC PORTAL/M'Lab is the same as your student email password. After you activated your student email, you will use the same password to login.

Q: I forgot my User ID. How do I retrieve it?

A: Your User ID is your student email.

Q: My information on TSC PORTAL/ M"Lab is outdated and I live out of town and cannot come to your school to reset my password. What do I do?

A: If you cannot come to the school in person, you can contact us at support@esm-tbilisi.ge

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