International Management and Leadership


• To give theoretical knowledge about business and its environment. Students will gain knowledge about the principles of business functioning, the behavior of economic agents, and the regularities of the economic environment.

• Equip with theoretical knowledge and practical skills regarding the management of the organization. Students will learn the principles of performing various functions of the organization and their management; Learn about the management characteristics of organizations of different sizes and organizational designs; Understand the threats in the business environment and analyze their management methods; Study the importance of quality standards, advanced technologies and innovations in the modern business environment and ways to successfully implement them; Acquire the quantitative and qualitative tools needed for research;

• To acquire the ability to communicate in the business world. Students will develop skills such as written and oral communication in Georgian and foreign languages; They will study the organization’s communication in the internal and external environment and the use of modern technologies in this process;

• Develop the ability to work in a team and manage it. Realize the peculiarities of the working environment; Learn about the specifics of working in a team, the motives of individual and team behavior; They will explore ways to respond quickly to problems and resolve conflicts while working in a team;

• Develop managerial thinking to manage oneself, the organization, activities in a global environment, relationships, and change. In the final phase of the program, courses are introduced in the learning process, which, on the one hand, expands the knowledge already acquired by the student, and on the other hand, especially strengthens the practical component of the educational program. Students will explore the features and approaches of management in a multicultural environment; Learn about the methods of implementing strategies in different types of markets and analyzing the internal and external environment; Master the methods and features of project management.


Leadership is about forging meaningful connections to our communities and world. It is a perspective, not a position. Good leadership requires us to speak out powerfully and passionately for a given cause and to marshal our resources to a given end. The intensive leadership education we provide at management schchool helps our students identify what matters to them, how to make positive change in their communities and world, and how to serve as leaders for the public good.

English I
English II
English III
English IV

Business Basics

Digital Marketing


For Excel

Basics of

Human resource management

Management and operations

Communication s

Entrepreneurship and small business management

Accounting 1


Basics of

Organisational behaviour

Business strategy

Research project

Operations and project management 





Technology in

Small and


Motivation and the role of the Manager

Conflicts Management

Organizational Culture and Leadership


Final Project

Career Prospects –  Management

Career advancement – The successful completion of the program will give you chance to advance in your career. In addition, successful completion of the program is directly linked to with high-paying positions.


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